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Dress With Sense

Dress [with] Sense, is our consumer guide, released in March 2017 with publisher Thames & Hudson in multiple countries around the world. Dress [with] Sense is currently available in English, French (S’habiller avec éthique) and Korean (드레스 윤리학).

In our 10 years of engaging with consumers and industry alike, we have always talked about the fact that all fashion consumers – from the trend loving fashionista to everyday folks for whom fashion equals function – are a crucial part of making fashion more sustainable. We know we’re all in this together, and that’s why we wrote Dress [with] Sense.

This four-chapter guide will cater to your appetite to have a more conscious dress sense and will take you through how you can:

        BUY better and make more responsible choices when hitting the shops

        WEAR your clothes more creatively, and rescue hidden treasures from the depths of your wardrobe.

        CARE for your clothes by learning better more environmentally friendly ways to wash

        DISPOSE of them by swapping, gifting, donating or recycling – anything but throwing them in the trash!

We wrote it because we wanted to create an easy-to-read guide giving fashion facts and practical tips for readers to enjoy a lifelong journey towards developing a more conscious closet. It includes tips from inspiring people from around the world, from models to bloggers to activists, who champion sustainable wardrobe ethics and aesthetics.

The book was written by Christina Dean, Hannah Lane and Sofia Tärneberg

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