Hettle | Woods Block Bandana


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Hettle | Woods Block Bandana

Lightweight and soft organic cotton scarves featuring the traditional art of hand block printing.

Each design is an original drawing that was carefully carved into a linoleum block. Every tile is individually inked and hand pressed onto the fabric, ensuring each print is unique. Organic cotton is hand dyed using all natural plant dye. Dyed with Cutch, Wattle, and Pomegranate Shells with an iron bath.

All of our cloth is dyed in small batches, there is always a slight variance between dye pots. Artisan cloth shows the hand of the dyer through irregularities and variations. These are considered desirable characteristics and are valued marks of hand made cloth. As with all hand dyed fabric, there will be slight tonal shading and variations in each piece.


Hand Dyed and Block Printed

Organic Cotton

Hand Wash Line Dry

Weight 6 oz
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