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Fly Away Home is an art print from Addy’s Birth/Place show at the Hartford Public Library from 2011.
Adrienne Gale
February 4-March 20, 2011

Birth/Place is an installation that examines the idea of home as a place into which we can be born and also a place that we can create for ourselves.  Ms. Gale uses her art to demonstrate the choices we have (or may not have) about where those homes are located, what they are made of, or who they include.

Initially drawn to eggshells for their visual appeal, Ms. Gale found them to be a natural vehicle for addressing choices.  The artist uses roots, trees and seeds incorporated in a variety of media including printmaking, drawing, handmade paper and book arts to illustrate the many connections in the world that inspire her creations.

Ms. Gale made a specific choice to move back to Hartford where she was born to be with her family who have chosen to stay in the City and contribute to the community.  Not all people who live in Hartford had the luxury of making such a choice; all too frequently, homes are created or settled on due to a lack of options.  In defending her choice, Ms. Gale set out to create art that will encourage those who live in and visit Hartford to think about the people who live here and why they live in this City, and to also consider their own choices.

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