It’s the holiday season of 2021! We know that means you have all the questions about how to shop with us so we’ve compiled this FAQ to help you along. If at the end of this list you still don’t have your answer (though we think you will) just reach out!


Q. What are your holiday hours?

A. Sunday and Monday from 10 am to 4 pm. Tuesday through Saturday 10 am to 6 pm. Online 24/7!


Q. What is the last date I can order something to be shipped to arrive in time for Christmas?

A. With the increased volume of orders and nationwide shipping delays we recommend placing your holiday orders by 12/16/2020. We are filling orders within 24hrs after they are placed and USPS is delivering within 3-10 days — the sooner you order, the better!


Q. Why is the shipping cut off date so soon? 

A. Due to increased order volume, USPS is experiencing delays and it may take longer than usual for a package to be delivered. The 12/16/2020 order by date for a 12/24 delivery is our recommendation so we can get your goods into your hands and homes. While we are comfortable guaranteeing we can get your items to our trusty USPS within a day of you ordering with us, please know that we can not guarantee a delivery date due to shipping delays. Of course this is only our recommendation and order when you are ready and able! A possibly belated gift is always a welcomed surprise! If you are local to Hartford, CT, we will be offering FREE in store pick ups for any online order through 12/24.


Q. Where do I park if I am shopping in store?

A. Pratt Street is closed to car traffic at the moment as it’s been turned into a pedestrian patio! You’ll need to park on an adjacent street (Main, Trumbull, Church) or in a parking lot. Street parking is $2.00 per hour Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6pm and free on the weekends. With a quieter city at the moment, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a spot on the street.


Q. Where do I park if I am doing an in-store pickup?

A. There are FREE 15-minute loading zone spaces at the intersection of Pratt and Trumbull labeled “Loading Area.” The city has agreed to let our customers park there for free for 15 minutes while you are doing an in-store pick up!


Q. How does the in-store pick up process work? When do I know that my order is ready to be picked up?

A. We get this a lot! Once you place your order with us, we need you to wait to do your in-store pick up until you receive an email that states “Your order is complete.” Once you get that green light email, you will travel downtown, park (see above), and when you arrive at the store let us know you are there for an in-store pick up. Should you come in before you get that go ahead email your order may not be ready for you and we’ll all feel awkward about it!


Q. I am not entering into any stores at the moment. Can I still do an in-store pick up?

A. Ultimately this is up to you. If you call the store when you’ve parked downtown, we can place your order outside of the store door so that you do not need to come inside. At this time we are unable to walk your order to your car. If this doesn’t feel like a safe option for you then we can mail your order to you!