The Mapping of Letterpress

Map: a visual representation of an area, a symbolic representation of elements in space. Maps have been used for thousands of years to communicate, orient, teach, and to illuminate. In letterpress and design, maps offer a fabulous blend of lines, shapes, symbols, density, and negative space to play [...] Read More

TUESDAY | Vintage Love

A recent, and we must say lovely, trend in invitation design is the use of vintage stamps to create a colorful and graphic statement. The right combination of colors, shapes, and sizes of vintage stamps creates a gorgeous and unique aesthetic that, combined with elegant calligraphy, turns your envel[...] Read More

MONDAY | Singular Rings

New beginnings… a novel week, a fresh start, revived hope, and renewed love. We’re thinking outside the box this Monday about love’s metallic incarnations. White gold and white diamonds might not ever be passé, but maybe you find yourself wishing for something more… you? He[...] Read More

Modern Romance

Hold onto your hats, people – this is about to be one massively amazing blog post! Awhile back, our lovely friends Mai and Ek got engaged. You might remember Ek from our post, “The Paper Makes the Man.” If so, you’ll recall that Ek is an impeccably stylish guy with pretty a[...] Read More

Industrial Revolution

Here in L.A. and spending the afternoon pondering raw spaces, industrial landscapes, and, of course, weddings! After getting a great cut at Refuge salon in Echo Park, which is located inside a huge warehouse of broken windows, old school lockers, and basket swings hanging from 35 foot rafters, the[...] Read More

La Belle Epoque

New to the boutique hotel scene in New York is the NoMad Hotel, a stunning, painstakingly detailed space that evokes the romanticism and charm of the Age of Innocence. The restaurant and bar (above) are broken into several rooms, each whispering a page out of an Edith Wharton novel. It is hard not [...] Read More

La Dolce Vita!

From the clanking of metal spoons against glass espresso cups to the red and orange bursts of a fresh squeezed spremuta, Italy is a place to indulge all of your senses. The tastes of chilled red table wine at an osteria in Puglia, the smells of incense wafting from an old Roman church, the sight [&h[...] Read More

An Ornithological Review

Two Birds, 1938 drawing by M.C. Escher Birds play a prominent role in our folklore and culture, symbolizing ideas as diverse as peace, love, wisdom, longevity, courage, and hope. But they are also sweet and whimsical, adding a charming touch to any design. And in the world of all things handmade and[...] Read More


Spent the weekend thinking about our last post and the reference made to balloons. We love balloons, but why? Because they’re whimsical? Colorful? The aesthetic of the balloon is not usually pondered because nobody wants just one balloon, preferring, like these two bathing beauties, the rainbo[...] Read More

“New Wave” Wedding

Open up the NYTimes Thursday Style section from yesterday and you’ll find an article on channeling Brigitte Bardot’s up-do. “Voila!” Which got us thinking, what would a 1960s, French New Wave wedding look like? And how would these design ideas translate into a fabulous, dynam[...] Read More