Your On-Trend 2019 Wedding Planned by the Pros

There are so many reasons we love welcoming in a new year – brand new calendars to hang, pretty journals to fill, and wonderful weddings to plan! 2018 was an amazing year for getting wed, and we’re ready to jump into the creative ideas and exciting celebrations ahead for all of the beautiful[...] Read More

Zuccorni Pie: Featured Farm to Street Recipe from Whisk & Brush!

If you’ve been visiting your neighborhood Farmer’s Market to get inspired for the Farm To Street Dinner next weekend, you know that this time of year they’re overflowing with corn, zucchini, and fresh herbs. The kitchen magicians of Whisk & Brush know just how to bring these i[...] Read More

Pea + Plum Falafels: Featured Farm To Street Recipe from Whisk + Brush!

Whisk + Brush is at it again today, brainstorming more deliciousness for you to take to the Farm To Street dinner and wow all your table mates! “Right now, markets and local grocers are teeming with greens: lettuce, peas, and herbs…and a few different stone put fruits that are ripe for t[...] Read More

Caribbean Coleslaw: Featured Farm to Street Recipe from Whisk + Brush!

  As our incredible Farm to Street Dinner draws ever closer, we’re beginning to wonder- what should we make for the main course? While the appetizers and desserts are being provided by the fabulous folks over at On20, this is a community picnic, after all, so that means bringing your own [...] Read More

Stegosaurus Print for the Greater Hartford Arts Council

Back in December, we were asked by the Greater Hartford Arts Council if we would create the donor print for their 2013 fundraising campaign.  Every year, supporters of the Arts Council who give $500 or more are given a limited edition print as part of their thank you gift.  We were absolutely thri[...] Read More

Fresh Print

via designlovefest The sisters of Hartford Prints! have been busy adding new trades to our toolboxes. We are so excited however, after a brief hiatus, to get back into the blogosphere! Our daily postings will follow an editorial calendar, bringing together all the things we love, like, pin, tweet, a[...] Read More

Why we love the New York Public Library

How can you not, when the Rose Main Reading Room looks like a cross between Hogwarts and Downton Abbey? When Harry Met Cousin Violet… But another reason why we LOVE the New York Public Library is for its amazing and extensive Digital Gallery The gallery provides free and open access to over 80[...] Read More

To begin again…

An original Hartford Prints! design, letterpress printed on handmade paper In the next couple of months, Hartford Prints! will be undergoing a renaissance, a rebirth if you will. Adrienne Gale, Aurelia Gale, and Calabria Gale Heilmann have joined creative forces to start their own letterpress shop a[...] Read More

Text Project/Concrete Poetry

New prints available on Etsy! The students of Hartford Prints! were challenged to create a print with the city of Hartford as the subject matter and using the lead and wood type in the studio, rather than linoleum, to create an image. These prints were first exhibited at the 100 Pearl Street Gallery[...] Read More

The Hartford Prints! Etsy store!

Good news! You can now buy our work online! That’s right, we have finally established our Etsy store. We are slowly but surely adding new work, so visit us frequently at etsy.com/shop/hartfordprints![...] Read More