Open Space by Andrés

My image of the three Hartford buildings popping out of the map of Connecticut is the end of a very long process for me. My idea started with a bedroom scene where one wall had a brick pattern with radio station call numbers in the bricks. The other wall had a pattern of flags representing […[...] Read More

The Gold Building by Ashley

A tourist group walks around the city of Hartford on a brisk October afternoon, enjoying the beautiful architecture. Suddenly, an amazing building catches the eye of one of the tourists, just as the sun is setting behind it: “Hey, what’s that building over there?” she inquires. “Which one?[...] Read More

Homeward Bound by Brian

The beginning of my artwork was not a sure thing- I started with only a bus. I got the idea of a bus because I was thinking about how I spend my days, how I get to school and to work. I realized that I see a lot of the city from inside the city […][...] Read More

A Stegosaurus In Hartford by Danny

This piece took me longer to complete then I planned for. Getting my carvings to print together perfectly was very difficult because the drawing was so weirdly shaped, just like the actual sculpture. It was hard to make all three colors line up perfectly. I ended up having to carve everything twice.[...] Read More

The Heart of Hartford by India

When I first started thinking about this project, my idea was to draw the Hartford Building. I began to rethink this idea when most of my colleagues also started drawing buildings. I began to realize that for me, Hartford is not represented by the buildings but by the details of the city. I was havi[...] Read More

There’s No Place Like Hartford by Liz

I enjoy writing poems. Poetry is a way to express my feelings and thoughts in words. At the age of nine, I was introduced to the world of poetry and since then I have always liked the same kinds of poems. I like poems that are very descriptive and expressive but at the same time […][...] Read More

Bushnell by María

When I was younger, I remember asking my mom to take me to the carousel. I would get to the park and run towards the carousel to get in line. As I waited, I watched the carousel go in circles until it was my turn. Getting older, Is the baths should hair cialis 100mg in […][...] Read More

Late Arrival! by Michelle

The reason why I decided to create something about Union Station is because ever since I was young, I have wanted to travel to different places around the world. When I think about traveling or departing, Union Station is the first thing that comes to mind because I have lived in Hartford nearly my [...] Read More

Greetings From Hartford by Trinh

I have always been very impressed with black and white pictures and photographs. I enjoy looking at them because they are pleasing to my eyes and simply the classic of all classics. This is the reason why I steered toward such a simplistic color scheme in this project. I started this project by sket[...] Read More

Andrés Felix

Andrés is getting ready to print his image on the press. He spent a lot of time carving out little squares to create a checkerboard pattern![...] Read More