There’s No Place Like Hartford by Liz

I enjoy writing poems. Poetry is a way to express my feelings and thoughts in words. At the age of nine, I was introduced to the world of poetry and since then I have always liked the same kinds of poems. I like poems that are very descriptive and expressive but at the same time […][...] Read More

September by Liz

[...] Read More

Ashley Hunt

Ashley is looking through different sorts and cuts of type for inspiration. She wanted to find something that would compliment her image for the month of July in the calendar project.[...] Read More

Lizuannette Arroyo

Liz, on the right, with Trinh. They are holding the end result of all their typesetting. A lot of little letters and a lot of patience![...] Read More

Trin Tran

Trinh, on the right, is setting type for the Open Studio & Holiday Sale invitations. Trinh and Liz did a great job setting the names of all the students.[...] Read More

Lizuannette Arroyo

Hey. My name is Lizuannette, but you can call me Liz. I am seventeen years old and I am attending Hartford Public High School in the Law & Government Academy. Hartford Prints! is awesome. We get to print text on the press and one of my favorite things is the color of the ink when […][...] Read More