2015 Hartford Handsome Roundup

The 2015 Hartford Handsome finalists are a fantastic group of Hartford’s most stylish gents. If you haven’t learned all about them(and all of the participants from the two-week campaign!) over at the Hartford Handsome blog, here’s the rundown on the final five.


Tyron has always been interested in fashion- he lists the late great Alexandre McQueen as the icon of his unique, futuristic style.


Sam is a public servant here in Hartford, and he brings a freshness to his classic preppy style with unexpected accessories and a killer smile.


Johnnie, an event planner here in Hartford, likes to get a little risky with his style. Like his icon Lenny Kravitz, he loves leather and accessorizing with rocker bracelets.


Social entrepreneur and musician Brandon loves mixing patterns and rocking hightops. Keeping it truly oldschool, he always buttons to the top.


Tang Sauce (AKA John), a local hip hop musician and dancer, came in first place. A believer in the power of positivity, Tang enjoys skateboarding and writing. You can listen to some tracks from tang’s new album, Maturity, here!

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