MONDAY | Life’s A Picnic

Recently, we’ve been really into the idea of transforming engagement photo shoots into something more dynamic and fun! Some couples want something more out of the experience. But how do you spice it up, make it original, and show your style?

We love the concept of announcing your engagement to close friends and family by sending out casual invitations for a mystery party. As guests arrive, the gathering organically transforms into both an engagement party and an engagement shoot! Back in September, we staged this picnic inspiration shoot in Prospect Park, Brooklyn with photographer Donald Darling. As you can see, the shoot reflects a personality, spontaneity, and style that is genuinely vibrant and positively a good time.


We took a lot of inspiration from Kinfolk, a magazine created and curated by photographers, artists, and foodies from around the world. The magazine promotes “a shared interest in small gatherings” and seeks a “natural approach to entertaining.” Volume Five includes practical ideas and recipes for herbs to dry at home, fall camping, meals to take surfing, and new seasonal traditions.


Main invitation on kraft and cream paper, with gold stamping and hand-made envelopes, by Hartford Prints!
Signs, featuring polaroids of the couple, leading guests to picnic spot
Fall spread of cheese, rustic bread, figs, prosciutto, and arugula salad
Vintage boardgames for guests to enjoy
“Dark and Spicy” cocktails, made with balsamic blackberry shrub, black pepper, apple cider, and spiced rum
Vivid wild flowers
Polaroids for guests to take a picture and make a name tag!
Middle sister, as a guest!
Guest mingling, drinking, enjoying
Cocktail & ring
The happy couple!
Gorgeous, gold monogram pendant by K Kane. A lovely, one-of-a-kind gift for a bride to be!
Lovely paper, beautiful friends, and a gorgeous day.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful and fun!