MONDAY | Singular Rings

New beginnings… a novel week, a fresh start, revived hope, and renewed love. We’re thinking outside the box this Monday about love’s metallic incarnations. White gold and white diamonds might not ever be passé, but maybe you find yourself wishing for something more… you? Here are some of our favorite jeweled bands for all of the “outside-the-(ring)box” lovers out there!
Alexandrite cluster ring fromMOCIUN
Custom MOCIUN antique diamond, coral, and bi color sapphire set in 14K yellow gold
Bittersweets Brilliant Twig ring in 14K rose gold
1870-80s Turquoise & Rose Cut Diamond Ring, 10K Gold sold at MOCIUN
Wave Ring, gold with flecks of color, from Catbird
From Satomi Kawakita, an 18K gold eternity band with black diamonds