Fresh Print

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The sisters of Hartford Prints! have been busy adding new trades to our toolboxes. We are so excited however, after a brief hiatus, to get back into the blogosphere! Our daily postings will follow an editorial calendar, bringing together all the things we love, like, pin, tweet, and post. We hope that our musings on life, love, and paper will inspire our readers and add a fresh perspective to our inundated world.

Here’s the layout of our daily calendar:

Mondays | lovers: engagements, parties, cocktails, and style

Tuesdays | apprentice: letterpress, DIY, and “behind the scene” tutorials

Wednesdays | inspiration: visions of wedding themes and style

Thursdays | everyday: cards, invitations, and real life paper

Fridays | brew: favorites of the week

We know life gets hectic but don’t hesitate to leave us a note whenever you stop by! Now, off to the press…


  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome, good luck!