Homeward Bound by Brian

The beginning of my artwork was not a sure thing- I started with only a bus. I got the idea of a bus because I was thinking about how I spend my days, how I get to school and to work. I realized that I see a lot of the city from inside the city bus. Also, I believe at some point in our lives, we all take the bus to get home.

As I got more into the project, the bus was looking lonely. Then Ms. Gale and I both came up with the idea of putting some of the popular buildings in Hartford as a skyline in the background. When I was looking at photographs of the city for inspiration, I really liked the pictures that showed Hartford with the Connecticut River, so I decided to include it in my image.

After weeks of drawing and finding the right buildings to put in my work, I was finally happy with the image and started to carve. It was not hard for me because I am good at carving. The only problem I have with carving is putting in the time. But I finished and the end result is what you see.