A Stegosaurus In Hartford by Danny

This piece took me longer to complete then I planned for. Getting my carvings to print together perfectly was very difficult because the drawing was so weirdly shaped, just like the actual sculpture. It was hard to make all three colors line up perfectly. I ended up having to carve everything twice.

Even though I initially had problems printing, I didn’t change my idea because the sculpture is very appealing to me. As a kid, the stegosaurus was my favorite dinosaur and to this day I still find it the most intriguing.

The actual sculpture is bright orange, and this is my favorite aspect. I wanted to recreate that color, as best as I could, in ink. The blue is intended to make you think about a bright sunny day, a good day.

I included the text in the image because I wanted the viewer to think about the real sculpture and its location. In addition, I think it is good to have a little humor in art!