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Photography Workshop by Whiskey & Oxfords | March 25th, 2016


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Photography Workshop
Portraits, candids and group photos
Hosted by Brandon Smith from Whiskey & Oxfords
Saturday, March 25th, 2016
2pm – 5pm 


Portraits, Candids & Group Shots is a photography workshop led by Brandon Smith from Whiskey & Oxfords.

In this workshop participants will learn the fundamentals techniques for portrait photography, featuring traditional portraits as well as how to capture candid moments and group shots. We will discuss how to use ambient light, indoor settings and your closets friends to create frame worthy images.
It’s recommended that each participant bring a camera, but mobile phones are more than welcome!


Each person will receive a small booklet that features all of the key points discussed in the workshop. Tasty Refreshments will available during the workshop



Price: $50


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